Group trips in Svalbard

Group trips in Svalbard are our speciality

Joining a group holiday is the best way to discover Spitsbergen. Due to the presence of polar bears and the related safety rules, it difficult to travel beyond Longyearbyen alone.

Our highly trained expert guides are here to lead you safely into the wilderness beyond the arctic circle, into the land of polar bears. Our group trips are a unique opportunity to really experience Svalbard and to connect to the nature thanks to our guides expert knowledge of flora, fauna; history, geography.

These active adventures are ideal for solo travellers, couples or small groups of friends who want to meet like minded people. We also organise group trips in Spitsbergen which make perfect family holidays.

Altaï Svalbard will provide you with all the necessary technical equipment for activities and expeditions like kayaks, dry suits, tents, warm duvets, mattresses, etc.

Join one of our group trips for the adventure of a life time!

Our Group Trips in Svalbard

Our Group Trips in Svalbard

Our guides are fully equipped with the necessary licenses, qualifications and skills to take you to some of the most remote and beautiful areas of the arctic wilderness that would otherwise be dangerous and inaccessible. We listen to our customers and are always willing to change and update our carefully planned itineraries accordingly. Our small group sizes (maximum of 12) not only provide a more intimate adventure but also cause less impact on the environment and local communities.