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Joining a group holiday is the best way to discover Spitsbergen. Due to the presence of polar bears and the related safety rules, it difficult to travel beyond Longyearbyen alone.

Our highly trained expert guides are here to lead you safely into the wilderness.
They have a flawless knowledge of the path-less terrain and are prepared for possible arctic wilderness situations including how to deal with curious polar bears.

Thanks to our guides you can...
Safely learn and practice outdoor activities like hiking and kayaking and go wild camping beyond the arctic circle in the land of polar bears. You can also benefit from their expert knowledge of flora and fauna; history and geography.

Our local experts are here to help create the trip of your dreams. Like the look of one of our adventures but want to make some changes or bring the whole family? No problem, our expertese enables us to tailor holidays to your specific needs. Let's work together to create your perfect holiday.

Please contact us for more possibilities, advice and information.